Heinrich Heine on Burning Books

The article has strong points which make me see that Burning Books and Burning people are connected, this article written by Austin Cline makes me see and reflect about Books, one sentence from the article is really strong “Nazis didn’t simply burn Books which they found disagreeable, they burned Books because they believe that some of ideas would undermine the health, safety and welfare of the German nation”. Every single person have their own opinions and thoughts, its ridiculuous that people burn and denounce Books because they consider that is a threat, every single person learn new things everyday reading or listening to someone else’s opinions or knowledge. The most ridiculuous part is the Burning of people ” if they truly want to eliminate a Message which they perceive to be a serious threat, they will have to go to the source of the message- the people responsible for the books” these words are extremely strong because it refers to eliminate the people that express their ideas in the Books, the article says that messages can’t be completely eliminated until you eliminate the source of the messages which i think its wrong because like i said before people have their ideas and thoughts.

Book burning has been a method of opression, Books are all intellectual accomplishments and burning books deprives to discover new things, to understand things you didnt understand before. In my opinion it is extremely wrong to burn people’s thoughts and ideas because that is exactly what we are doing

This article makes me remember the book of Fahrenheit 451 because one of the most important things in the book is the censorship and Burning of books in spite of that is a Science fiction book it really has a lot of messages throughout the book.

-Hugo Ramírez


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