Fahrenheit 451

The book we are reading Fahrenheit 451, takes place in a future society where reading books is illegal and anyone caught with a book will be burned as well the book. Guy Montag, the main character, is a fireman who at the beginning of the novel starts to interact with a teenage girl named Clarisse who is different from other people and enjoys nature and walking. I like the character Clarisse because she has an independent mind set which is different from the culture that was in place. As an example, she argue that she is not anti-social, in fact, she is very social in a way that is different from what society considers being social. She described herself as not being interested in hurting people or being involved in activities or technologies that  don’t allow interaction with people and not talking with each other.

The books represent knowledge and the government is trying to prevent the people from knowing knowledge and education which are featured in books. I think books in that society represent free thinking and freedom. The nazis also burned books that were a threat to their way of thinking. In other times, free thinkers were killed or put in jail because of their thoughts. Montag was not a free man because he was living in a society where he was told what to do and did not do things on his own with thinking.

In conclusion, knowledge can help to learn and can improve society. However, the only way to be completely free is by being with God.

Manuel De La Colina


One thought on “Fahrenheit 451

  1. I found your comment at the end about God very interesting. I liked how you linked religion into your post as during the time of Nazi Germany it was a major issue. your point on free thinkers being killed then stating the only way to be free is with God was a good point as in this novel and during the 50’s, knowledge was very limited and open minded people were not accepted.
    -Amy Hand

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