Future symbol

One future technology that is in Fahrenheit 451 is the mechanical hound which is a type of robot dog who helps Montag and the other firemen to track down anyone who has a book and later tries to track down Montag. This future device symbolizes the hound as a police dog that helps the firemen with making sure that the civilians of the town don’t break the law and follow the rules. This future device has a big role in the entire novel. It is one of the most important and useful items because it is part of the society that Montag and the other characters live in. It is a dangerous character because it kills anyone who thinks or reads making it an antagonistic character. I believe that this character is one of the most interesting and exciting characters because it is one of the most strongest and serious characters in the novel.

Manuel De La Colina


One thought on “Future symbol

  1. I agree that the Mechanical Hound in the is novel, starts out as an ally to the firefighters, ensuring that no one breaks the rules. In a dystopian society, where reading books is illegal, the hound represents government control over society as well as manipulation of technology. Originally, before the government took control, and firefighters saved people, the hound was meant to serve as rescuers, sniffing out the injured. However, in the dystopian society, the hound serves as the enforcer of the rules of the government.

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