Future Tech

No, this book does not have robots that follow your every command or “HUVr boards” like in Back to the Future (which, by the way, are being released to the public in December of this year-what!?) [x]

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It does, however, have a device called the “parlour walls” which is described to the reader in the beginning of the book as being a “room of screens”, essentially. In Montag’s home he has three screen-walls in which Mildred lives out an “interesting life” with interactive characters and a script-which are the only interactions Mildred actually sees as worthwhile.  She is completely preoccupied in the world of the parlour walls, and the only thing that ever concerns Mildred is the well being of her “virtual family”. When Mildred asks Montag if they could fill all the wall space up in the “living room” with the fourth, and last wall, she tells him that installing it would only cost $2000. Only. $2000 is clearly not money to be thrown around aimlessly, thus this shows that Mildred has become completely obsessed with technology.

This is quite the scary thought to think about; I consider myself a tad bit obsessed with the internet, but I never go to spend money of any sort such as Mildred yearns to to expand my virtual experience. Unfortunately, I can see our society going down the path that Mildred has… many people earn their living off the internet, others use it as an escape, resource, etc. but who knows when the time will come when those people who earn their livings off of the internet have the chance to expand directly into your home (drastic, I know) and become a prominent fixture in your life. This really makes me rethink my position of where I stand on my usage of technology and consumerism.. will our world fall into the trap that the world of Fahrenheit 451 has?

-Hannah DeBourke


Bradbury, Ray. Fahrenheit 451. New York: Ballantine Books, 1953. Print.

HUVr board: http://huvrtech.com


One thought on “Future Tech

  1. I really enjoyed your use of animations as well as the proof you used to back up Mildreds dire condition, “. Only. $2000 is clearly not money to be thrown around aimlessly, thus this shows that Mildred has become completely obsessed with technology.” Great Work!


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