Futuristic symbols

In the book, it seems as many families/households own parlour walls, walls located in the living rooms spaces of the house. They occupy 1-4 walls of the room and present a 3D simulation of a television program or virtual family. I see the walls as a way set by the town to control the outside influences mixing with your own thoughts. In personal problems and situations we often look for opinions. By having the set scripts on the television programs, and yet there still being the interaction aspect of it, you get the ability to talk about your problems with your ‘family’ and have them argue or give their opinions back. By having these people so easily there to talk to and rant about your problems to, there is no need to go speak with other people, other people that could possible contribute to your thoughts leading to the unwanted ideas  that books could possible present if you were to read them. The people on the parlour walls are on a script, they aren’t necessarily going to give you their opinions to the point where you think more into your problems and start to question. By going to these walls to talk you are preventing the influence of outside opinions, the same sort of opinions you could possible get from a book. Others personal opinions added to your own could give the thoughts and ideas they are trying to prevent by the burning and destroying of the books. Books/others opinions lead to stronger thinking and questioning. Therefore I see parlour walls as a developed technology used to limited opinions on situations.


-Gabby Milks


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