Futuristic symbols

In the novel Fahrenheit 451 there are excellent examples of Futuristic technology and one of them are the parlor walls, parlor walls are a great example of futuristic symbola but what does parlor Mean? Parlor means a kind of room in a prívate house for receiving visitors and i can connect this to the novel because the parlor walls are ubicated in rooms of the house and people get together to see people appearing in this parlor walls, i found this symbol really strange and at the same really interesting because instead of discuss or talk to people in person, they use or they watch these parlor walls,in the novel i could see that mildred has no life without them and it makes me reflect a lot because its kind of describing how society is becoming now or how society would be in the next years, i realized that today’s society is more interested in technological things than showing the people your feelings, i can connect the parlor walls to today’s society because they are distractions people from what is important, its really interesting the similarities of the novel with today’s society, when i read this part of the novel i asked myself why is this so similar to the world sea re living now? Why do they do that when there is a world outside with people you care about.

The Author Ray Bradbury is showing that is a really empty world and i can say that the symbol of the parlor walls is showing the problems we Are having now such as distance in relationships, distractions from the world outside.

Hugo RAmirez


One thought on “Futuristic symbols

  1. I liked your comparison to the books society and the world that we live in. It is interesting and somewhat scary to think that we may be headed towards a similar life as in the novel.


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