Blog Posting the Third

The physical copies of books are slowly becoming less and less. Although some still enjoy the feeling of opening a book filled with the pages of text and enjoy the ability to flip through the pages and gain the incite to the story, the digital copies of the books are available. Leaving us wondering why we shouldn’t just download the copy of the book. The simplicity of scrolling on an electronic device and downloading the copy of the book you wish to read leaves us wondering why we would need a physical copy of a book when we could have it so conveniently on a small device.  Some don’t even use the ready resources of books anymore. We have the internet, which allows us without difficulty to Google or search any answer we could need. The idea of Burning Books is used for the burning of the knowledge.

“I always wanted something very small, something I could talk to, something I could blot out with the palm of my hand, if necessary, nothing that could shout me down, nothing monstrous big.” Faber has a mini television used a picture frame in his room, this is like the modern technology of the iPad or apple device. They allow us to have something very small that we can do a lot of things with like Faber describes. Something powerful that could give us what we wanted is presented through the ability of the internet on the devices Faber describes. We have the ability to use the internet on these devices and thereby have no use for anything big. Everything is so compact and powerful.

The idea of burning and destroying the physical book now I believe would be useless. We will have the books read to read on our devices, eliminating the book from the devices would prove much difficulty seeing the ability to download and preserve. Modern technology would prevent the effectiveness of book burning as it would have had before.  

Gabby Milks

Bradbury, Ray. Fahrenheit 451. New York: Ballantine Books, 1953. Print.


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