Blog Post 3

People of the twenty first century do not read books as much as many people used to. A main reason is the increased popularity and accessibility to visual entertainment such as television and video games. According to the Associated Press-Ipsos poll, one in every four American adults did not read single book last year! This is shocking to most, as reading seems like such an ordinary action. The increasing popularity of “e-readers” has also played a role in the decrease of sales of traditional books recently. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, books are scarce. The decrease in popularity of books recently could be the start of a society similar to Montag’s.

Television is a source of entertainment similar to books in that many stories can be told and information can be shared through both. However sitting and watching television does not require in depth thought. While watching T.V the story and information is handed to you, but in books often times people must think and analyze in order to receive the complete experience. T.V seems to be more popular than books because of the simplicity of it, after a long day most people would much rather relax and use little to no brain power.

The AP-Ipsos poll found that 27 percent of people had not read a single book in the past year. Out of this 27 percent, almost a third were men and a quarter women. These people tend to be older, less educated, of a lower income, minorities, from rural places and less religious. This statistic is sad, and perhaps more can be done to ensure that these people have access to books and have the capability to enjoy them as most others do. Improved education programs and public resources are simple ways that this statistic could be changed for the better.

As technology such as television becomes more accessible and affordable, books become less popular. Preferred forms of entertainment are changing. T.V requires less brain power and therefore people enjoy it more. Many adults do not even read books anymore, and perhaps, more can be done to change this. This decrease in popularity of traditional books is proving the current generation to be somewhat lazy. A society where books are obsolete is seen in Fahrenheit 451, this form of society could be in our future. I believe we must prevent this from happening.

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