Heinrich Heine on Burning Books

The idea that the spawn(the books) being eliminated wasn’t enough so they decided to burn the creator(author) so that no more spawn can be created. The author of this article has made that a prominent point in what they are talking about. What the author is saying is correct in every way because why get rid of what is on the surface and not what is unseen by us? Books are what we believe have the knowledge that we want so if they eliminate those books wouldn’t they be getting rid of the knowledge originally? That is only what is on the surface though, considering the books have to come from somewhere and that somewhere is from people. Through the burning of the books in Fahrenheit 451 they are disposing of the knowledge in them but don’t have a true understanding that the books can be replicated from one’s knowledge causing the books to never really go away, they haven’t come to fully realize that the knowledge isn’t just in the book but in the holder of the book. Since the Nazi’s realized that the Holocaust was a big thing, but mostly for the burning of the people not the books, almost as if the books were actually not an important thing to the whole process. Don’t get me wrong, the burning of the people was the main thing in the Holocaust but burning everything that they believed in along with them is a bit out there.



One thought on “Heinrich Heine on Burning Books

  1. I thought that it was very interesting how you referred to the books as “spawn”. I never would have thought of it in that way. I agree that the Nazi’s destroying the Jews as well as their book is a bit much. I don’t totally understand how the two are connected. Beliefs are one thing, but human life is another.

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