Blog #3 – Book Burning… Does it matter?

Book burning still matters, not because we will lose the information in the books that are burnt but more for the fact that the books have a meaning behind them and they came from somewhere. Each book can have it’s own personal feel to it, be it from notes that you or a family member left for whoever gets the book next or if the book has been in your family for many years because your great great great great relative wrote the book and it is meaningful to you and your family. If you and your family did not have books to have as your own and not have to worry about people coming to burn your books, wouldn’t you be much happier at the fact that you can freely enjoy them, instead of worrying that someone might come to burn them. Just because books can now be stored in a multi-mass device online doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have the physical copies of the books themselves. Burning of books really does still matter because books mean something special to everyone even if you don’t think you would miss books, just try to imagine a library without books… that isn’t even a library anymore, so what is the point of having those buildings?



One thought on “Blog #3 – Book Burning… Does it matter?

  1. I totally agree on the fact that the book burning still does have some historical significance. There are many stories about the Nazi’s, but I think one of the most important are the stories about book burning. Not only did the Nazi’s not respect the beliefs of the Jewish people, they also destroyed a part of history. Those books would have had to been compiled by someone and all of their efforts went down the drain. Even today, in our modern society, books are still valuable tools we can all learn from.

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