Futuristic Technology – Parlour Walls

In Fahrenheit 451 you can find a technology that can easily ruin everything around us by sucking us into it’s mass screens. “parlor walls”. We can see an example of the parlor walls taking over someones through Mildred, she experiences a family without actually having the ability to touch and feel them which is completely segregating her from the rest of society into her own little universe causing a complete disruption in what we know as social order. This potential device could cause catastrophic effects to our already struggling society with social interactions. Another bit of proof from the book can be when Mildred invites her 2 friends over and as they are all watching the 3 wall tv screen Montag tries to read them a poem, but they practically ignore him and tell him that they didn’t want to hear the poem because they didn’t want to remember the things from their past. They simply wanted to be left alone to their own world of 3 walls of tv… Mildred invites people over to just watch tv on their parlor walls? Now if that isn’t something wrong with their society i don’t know where we will be going from… but hopefully not to that stage in our lives that we get enjoyment from 3 huge tv screens and not even paying attention to what is around us because we are more interested in the screens then the company or vast possibilities.



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