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In the current time we are living in today, the technology that is invented is incredible. With the technology we have today, book burning would not even matter, in the eyes of some, it would matter. People may say books are also dying or already dead. In the eyes of most people burning books does not even matter anymore, they are dead, or dying anyways, which is shown through the technology that’s used today, in the book “Fahrenheit 451”(1950), and how I look at this view.
It is shown most people think burning books does not even matter anymore and is shown through the technology used today. Technology today has gotten more and more advanced in order to entertain us. Ipads, Iphones, and other technology now have the ability to purchase books online instead of having to go buy books at the store and in the eyes of most, collect dust in there house, they can search up there book that they want on these devices and purchase the book for less on there device then they would if they bought an actual book. These advanced technologies allow for a tap of your finger, you have the book at your fingertips. With a swipe of your finger to the left it will “turn the page”, no more turning the pages in your actual hands, no feeling of the pages between your fingertips, the swipe of your finger sends a signal to your device to allow for the page to “turn”. These devices allows for people to have multiple books in a condensed amount of space that you can carry in a case or in your pocket. Books are not important now a days with the technology invented. Burning books would not even come to peoples minds in today’s world, because they have this ability to have books on devices instead of caring a hard cover paper copy of the book around all day. The book burning idea, then, was to burn books if they did not like the message the author was providing us. Now, book burning is done with a swipe of your finger and taping delete. If someone does not like the message the author is getting at, they will delete the book, which is like burning the book in a way. The technology that has been invented and the devices, it shows that book burning does not matter anymore, our lifestyle of living is different and the way people look at things has changed and will keep changing until the ideas run out.
In the book “Fahrenheit 451”(1950), it gives a totally different perspective of book burning. Instead of book burning not being important, it’s the biggest symbol and is extremely ironic, throughout the whole novel. “In the old days, before homes were completely fireproof…… Did not firemen prevent fires rather than stoke them up and get them going?”(pg. 31, Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury). At this point in the novel, Montag gets an understanding of what has changed from “in the old days” until now. He comes to realize he is burning away the messages that he wants to read and understand. The technology in the book allows for a change to happen when Montag never even realized from the start of being a firefighter, what he was doing until Clarisse finally opens up the closed book of truth to him and he cant burn away. After realizing what he has done, he wants to keep this book of truth and open it even further to understand the rest and for himself to make a difference not only to himself but others as well. “Where’s your common sense? None of those books agree with each other. You have been locked up here for years with a regular damned Tower of Babel. Snap out of it! The people in those books never lived, come on now!”(pg. 35, Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury). This shows they believe that books are already dying or dead anyways, books don’t have any connection of messages, all the messages are “threats” and they want to burn them to get rid of the “threat”. In this book they believe books are dead or dying so they burn them without thinking of what they are actually destroying, of the knowledge, messages and in a way the authors as well, but no matter what is given to them, Montag, Faber and Clarisse are the only characters who understand the meaning of reading and the importance of the messages the authors have provided.
Finally, burning books does not matter anymore, in my opinion, is defiantly something I agree on. The technology has taken over the way we do everything in our day to day activities, be it work related, reading, playing games, etc. Since the invention of books going onto technology, I have seen a huge change in how many books are being purchased at book stores, compared to, how many technologies are being purchased to read the books on them. In my opinion, technology allowing books to be purchased and read on them is a great way to conserve space and money. I feel no matter how the message is given through a book or technology, it does not matter what way a book is presented. Books are a form of messages being given to us through the authors and I feel its important for books not to be forgotten about of burned, rather, be a way of entertainment and something to enjoy, to understand the way authors feel towards something and to learn new things each and every day.
In conclusion, burning books does not matter anymore. Technology has changed the way we live in our everyday life and has changed the way we read. No matter how a book is presented, it does not matter, as long as people can read and understand what the authors were getting at. Its something we should be proud of and accept the fact life is about changes. These changes are not just something that happen for no reason, it happens for a cause. No matter what we do or how we live, life will change bit by bit everyday and make the world a different environment to live in, no matter how hard we may want to stop it, it will change for the best.

Bradbury, Ray. Fahrenheit 451. New York: Ballantine Books, 1953. Print.

– Mackenzie Dinn


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